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Imene Assistance is a medical service provider company established in 1998. Since its inception, Imene Assistance has continuously evolved to offer increasingly tailored care based on the needs of its partners. The company is dedicated to safeguarding the health and productivity of their employees.

  • Imene Assistance has an operational assistance center, available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. It is staffed by multilingual personnel and supervised by a coordinating physician to manage and guide patients in real time.
  • Imene Assistance holds accreditations for home medical care and ambulance services from the Ministry of Health
  • Imene Assistance has authorizations from the Ministry of Mines for the transportation and use of oxygen cylinders.
  • Imene Assistance has agreements with the PCH (Central Pharmacy of Hospitals) and the Pasteur Institute.
  • Imene Assistance has signed agreements with specialist doctors, medical-surgical clinics, diagnostic centers, and analysis laboratories.
  • Imene Assistance has partnerships with foreign medical assistance companies and air ambulance providers.
  • Imene Assistance has operational intervention teams consisting of doctors, nurses, and ambulance personnel available 24/7, 7 days a week.
  • Imene Assistance has on-site doctors, nurses, and ambulance personnel assigned to specific locations.
  • Imene Assistance has intervention teams consisting of doctors, nurses, and ambulance personnel deployed on-site.
  • Medical and sanitary type ambulances in 4x4 or 4x2.
  • All the necessary medical equipment.
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